GA Organic Prune Extract 280g

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GA Organic Prune Extract 280g

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Product Description

Main Functions:


2. Nourish kidney

3. Anti-aging Main


1. Rich in pectin which effectively help bowel movements and relieve constipation

2. Comes with organic certification, so it is absolutely safe

3. High antioxidant and has been hailed as the fruit of life by Caucasians

Recommended for:

 1Person suffering constipation

2 Pale and Anemic patients

3 Those who want to maintain youth

Serving method:

1 Adults – 1 or 2 Spoon, Children 1 Spoon, Babies – Half Spoon (Twice Per Day)

2 Can be directly consumed or added into beverages

3 To ease constipation, can consume two tablespoons of Prune Extract, two tablespoons of psyllium shell, 300cc water, stir and drink

Friendly reminder:

1Suitable for all ages

2Rich in pectin, pregnant women avoid overdose

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